Excision of Benign Lesions

Very often people find lumps (lesions) in their eyelids. These can range from harmless or benign lesions to cancerous or malignant. In almost all cases, both for visual clarity and aesthetic appearance, clients prefer to go in for Eyelid Lesion Removal.

It is believed that these lesions are caused by wind or ultraviolet sunrays exposure. Some may be due to a virus.

Most benign lesions are either flat or raised very slightly. They also have a distinct margin. If outside the eye, benign lesions are removed surgically. These can also be cauterized or via the use of chemicals. However, any growths inside the eye are first examined carefully and if they are truly benign, they are usually left alone and observed over a period of time for any changes.

The first step at OPRSC will be the classification of your lesion. You may need to undergo a biopsy if the need arises. Only then shall a surgical plan be tailor-made for you.