Primary Excision and Reconstruction of Periocular Eyelid Cancers

While the scariest injuries are in the eye as they affect the vision, sometimes the eyelids too face traumatic injuries which are equally dangerous. These can include swelling, itching, drooping, rolling, bruising, cutting or tearing of the eyelid skin, and more.

When you have a ‘black eye’ or bruised eyelid skin due to a blow to the face, you should immediately get it checked as it may affect vision if it is too close to the eye. Usually, bruises go away in two to three weeks but it is better to be safe than sorry.

If your eyelid tear is small, it may heal on its own. However, deep cuts or the ones that go through the eyelid’s edge may require sutures.

At OPRSC, our surgical team, under Dr. Carroll’s lead, will make sure these procedures are done so expertly that you may not even get a scar to show off!



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