Post-Mohs Surgical Reconstruction

If you have been feeling depressed due to the scars left by your Mohs surgery, fret not! Beauty is still a very viable option for you. Speak with Dr. Carroll about your expectations and get a clear idea of what Post-Mohs Surgery will mean in terms of your facial appearance. In certain cosmetic surgeries, more than one procedure may be utilized and you shall accordingly be apprised of all possible choices. Dr. Carroll is extremely thorough and she will take you through every step of the surgery in great detail. Her surgical skills are top-notch and after the recuperation period you wouldn’t even be able to make out where the scars were!

Mechanical Ptosis

Mechanical ptosis, or acquired ptosis, is often caused by any abnormality  weighing down, causing your eyelids to droop. This is often a secondary issue due to excess eyelid skin or the forward movement of the brow in the process of aging.

Mechanical ptosis is addressed by a full oculoplastics clinical exam to determine if the eyelids and/or brow are creating this issue. Once defined, the issue is treated by either a upper lid blepharoplasty, an endoscopic brow lift, or even both!