Lasers & Rejuvenation

Cutera LaserGenesis

Not everyone is in love with how they age. While some accept it gracefully, or shall we say resignedly, some fight their aging facial signs tooth and nail.

In earlier times, men and women applied lotions and potions to do so. Now, we have lasers to help us look younger for longer. This is done via skin revitalization which erases wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, stretch marks, warts, blemishes, and more.

Yeomen Cool Glide Vein Therapy

Spider veins are an aesthetic bane for many. Also known as telangiectasias, these are thin blood vessels most commonly found on the face and legs of people. Not just visually unappealing, they may also be a symptom of underlying venous problems.

If you are facing this concern, you can come to us for the cool glide vein therapy that is a part of the various facial vein treatments we offer.

This therapy will effectively and safely address the problem and provide outstanding results. What it does essentially entails utilising the ideal laser wavelength for your skin to coagulate the blood in the vein and eventually destroy it. Over time, your body will absorb the remains and the blood will get redirected to deeper veins.

Dr. Carroll will first perform an exhaustive medical examination and determine the treatable veins before charting out a suitable treatment plan for you. Do note that this treatment is not for varicose veins.

Facial Rejuvenation for Her & Him

Dull and tired skin makes one feel aged and appear tired. In today’s world, when so much of emphasis is on looking youthful and attractive, it would be a shame to not take advantage of the bouquet of facial rejuvenation treatments available to knock off fatigue and years from your face.

Facial rejuvenation combines different invasive and non-invasive techniques to enhance the quality of your skin. Most people complain of wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, facial hair, pigmentation, and scars that on their own or in combination of two or more add unnecessary flaws to the face.

For a flawless, glowing skin, you can take a consultation from Dr. Carroll who will examine your face carefully and suggest the best-suited treatment plan for you.

You can get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, remove acne scars, lighten pigmentation, and get a clearer complexion via various facial procedures.

In most of these procedures, the main aim is to stimulate the body’s own collagen which helps in healing scars and skin irregularities. Skin resurfacing is done utilizing heat, light or non-toxic chemicals. This leads to age spots removal and tightening of the skin.

The reason why this treatment is in vogue is because all these procedures produce almost instantaneous results, have almost no downtime, are affordable for most pockets, and can be done in out-patient settings.

With us, you can rest assured of getting the outcome you are looking for. We do not make any false promises and always deliver the best possible results to our clients.