Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

The entire world is looking younger these days. The emphasis on having a leaner, fitter body is accompanied with an equally youthful face. Wherever you look, you will find people trying their level best to compete in every way possible with others that are decades younger to them.

And why not?

There is nothing to be gained from looking old and haggard. If you want to appear just as young as you feel inside, all you have to do is schedule a consultation with us for non-surgical cosmetic procedures. All of these will alter your appearance to a significant extent without your having to go under the knife.

The field of facial wrinkles treatment has seen constant innovation since many years. Technological advancements have led to many benefits of these procedures that reach the clients now. These are fewer risks than surgical processes, instant results, little or no downtime and pain, no requirement of general anaesthesia, and almost no side effects. The best part is all of these are simple and easy to perform.

With a knowledgeable ophthalmologist plastic surgeon like Dr. Carroll, you can realise your dream of minimising your facial defects and maximising your visual appeal. You can get your wrinkles smoothed out, plump up your lips, get rid of your spots and hairs, and more!

You can also get two or more procedures done at a go to save time and effort and look amazing for years altogether while saving yourself from unnecessary pain and trouble. Come in for a consultation today and get started on the journey to youth and beauty!


Botox cosmetic treatment is perfect for you if you want to safely and quickly remove your facial wrinkles and get smoother skin.

Many people get creases between their eyebrows that make them look angry. With age, many of us also get lines fanning out around the eyes, called crow’s feet. Both of these can be smoothed out with botox cosmetic injections.

In this procedure, Dr. Carroll will use a very tiny needle to inject the treatment area with Botox. A cooling gel may be applied beforehand to minimise the discomfort. The pain is minimal and you won’t require an anaesthetic. Within a couple of days, you will notice a disappearance of your lines and wrinkles. You can expect the results to last from anywhere between three to six months.

This easy treatment has millions of admirers all over the world – from celebrities to commoners. You too can benefit from its use and look gorgeous forever!

Dermal Fillers

Time is the biggest enemy of youth and beauty. It slowly takes over your life by snatching away the firmness of your skin and leaving behind sags and wrinkles.

You can stop the passing of time on your face by trying out a popular cosmetic procedure – dermal fillers. This is considered the best way to revitalise and refresh your facial skin in the present times.

Dermal filler injections help in smoothing out your wrinkles, erasing fine lines, restoring facial volume, filling up folds, and uplifting saggy skin. The best part is you can combine two or more fillers to address different aesthetic concerns on your face.

All of these remove the remnants of age from your face, leaving it firm and soft – more youthful and radiant. The contours of you face get restructured and the added volume reshapes it instantly to add beauty and brightness – all for a more luminous you!

The lower lid blepharoplasty procedure is a time-tested method to address the age-related and, in most cases, undesirable progression of lower lids which add several years to the person’s face. Through this, the client can hope to achieve enhanced side vision, positive changes in restoration of facial tissues and satisfactory cosmetic changes near the eyes.

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is one of the most popular procedures in the world now. The hottest current trend is full, alluring lips and scores of people are thronging the doors of aestheticians to get their set corrected too.

The most common problems people face are correcting differently sized or shaped lips, smoothing out wrinkles at the corners of the lips, and restoring the fullness of lips that have thinned due to age. Some other factors that contribute to loss of lip volume are smoking, sun damage and genetics.

You may be conscious about your facial appearance due to any of these factors. Mostly, this procedure adds a tremendous boost to the self-esteem of the client as they feel they look much more attractive and desirable with plump lips.

When you come to us, Dr. Carroll will ascertain the exact reason behind your desire for fuller lips. She will explain the entire process to you and advice you on the right size of lips for your face. You shall also be asked to prepare for the procedure beforehand, such as refraining from certain habits, like smoking, and given a list of post-procedure guidelines.

In lip augmentation, you can go in for lip fillers, lip implants, fat grafting or tissue grafting. While the first one is the most commonly sought-after procedure due to its non-invasive nature, its effects last for 15-18 months. The effects of the others, which are more invasive, last for much longer.

Whatever choice you make, at OPRSC, you can be assured of going back home with the lips you’ve always wanted.

Liquid Lifts

One cannot deny the appeal of firm, smooth, and clear skin. Age brings along skin degeneration and thinning, shrinkage of bones, and loss of facial fat. This makes the face look gaunt with hollows under the eyes and in the cheeks, along with thin lips and saggy skin.

To bring about a complete transformation of the face, you can go in for a ‘Liquid Lift’. This is a combination of fillers and botox which will smooth and plump out your skin and make you look several years younger. The use of restylane lip filler will ensure fuller, juicier lips.

Dr. Carroll will examine your face carefully and chalk out a treatment plan that aims to address all the pain points at one go. An outpatient procedure, this treatment is anti-aging and non-invasive.  You may face temporary bruising but the final result will surely be a much younger looking you.