Your Eyelid Margins

One of the most important features of the face are the eyes – not only do you see the world through them, they too show the world just how engaged you are with it. They make you look attractive and friendly and well, flirty too!

The advancing years bring along with them wisdom, but sadly they come saddled with signs of aging too. One of these is the drooping of eyelids which takes away the allure of your eyes. You can deal with this problem with an Eyelid Treatment.

Dr. Carroll, experienced ophthalmic plastic surgeon, will examine your problem carefully and advise the right procedure for it. You can rest assured you will look much younger once the issue is fixed and will also bid goodbye to other problems like blurred vision and increased tears.


If your eyelids are turning inwards and your lashes and skin are rubbing against the eye surface, you may require Entropion surgery. Dr. Carroll will perform an eye exam and examine the surrounding areas too. She will apprise you of possible solutions, and, if surgery is unavoidable, she will explain all the related details to you.


Generally seen in older adults, the ectropion condition exposes the inner eye surface due to the outward turning of eyelids. For severe conditions, surgery is the best option. Dr. Carroll will first check your condition and test your eye muscle strength and then decide on the best surgical technique to correct the problem.


A common eye problem, trichiasis occurs when the eyelashes grow inwards towards the eye and cause irritation and inflammation. You may require surgical intervention for this, such as ablation, electrolysis or cryosurgery. At OPRSC, Dr. Carroll will examine the issue in minute detail and offer advice on the most suitable solution in your case.


Distichiasis, whether congenital or acquired, can be extremely troublesome. In this condition, you may have an entire set of extra eyelashes or just one or two. In either case, you may face eye swelling, irritation, and even vision loss. There are several ways to amend this problem and you can rest assured of getting the right resolution with us.