Tear Drainage System | Nasolacrimal System Surgery

It’s time to stop shedding tears over your excessive tearing up. After all, it could just be a simple case of a stenosis or obstruction in your tear duct system. The nasolacrimal or tear duct system is responsible for letting your tears drain from the ocular surface down to the nasopharynx. Dr. Carroll, proficient ophthalmic plastic surgeon, will examine your nasolacrimal system carefully and perform a Nasolacrimal System Surgery or dacryocystorhinostomy to correct the issue. She will explain all the pre- and post-surgery guidelines clearly to you as well as the different procedures that can be done to fix the problem, such as external and endoscopic. With her at the helm, you can expect a professional bedside manner combined with compassion and care.

Patient 1

Placement of a Jones Tube is seen here.