Periocular/hemifacial Spasm

A neurological disorder, hemifacial spasm involves the involuntary twitching of muscles on one side of the face. While both the genders may get this condition, women over the age of 40 usually face it more.

It starts with uncontrolled eyelid twitching and slowly progresses to twitching in other facial parts. Over time, it graduates to almost continuous twitching, which worsens when the patient is stressed.

Dr. Carroll may ask you to get an MRI done to confirm the diagnosis before she designs a treatment plan. For mild symptoms, she may prescribe oral medication such as Baclofen. If that does not suffice, she may administer Botox injections – which are considered the most effective path for this condition in most cases. However, if your case requires surgery, you may have to undergo microvascular decompression surgery in which a tiny metal plate shall offer relief to your compressed facial nerve. .

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