Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is one of the most popular procedures in the world now. The hottest current trend is full, alluring lips and scores of people are thronging the doors of aestheticians to get their set corrected too.

The most common problems people face are correcting differently sized or shaped lips, smoothing out wrinkles at the corners of the lips, and restoring the fullness of lips that have thinned due to age. Some other factors that contribute to loss of lip volume are smoking, sun damage and genetics.

You may be conscious about your facial appearance due to any of these factors. Mostly, this procedure adds a tremendous boost to the self-esteem of the client as they feel they look much more attractive and desirable with plump lips.

When you come to us, Dr. Carroll will ascertain the exact reason behind your desire for fuller lips. She will explain the entire process to you and advice you on the right size of lips for your face. You shall also be asked to prepare for the procedure beforehand, such as refraining from certain habits, like smoking, and given a list of post-procedure guidelines.

In lip augmentation, you can go in for lip fillers, lip implants, fat grafting or tissue grafting. While the first one is the most commonly sought-after procedure due to its non-invasive nature, its effects last for 15-18 months. The effects of the others, which are more invasive, last for much longer.

Whatever choice you make, at OPRSC, you can be assured of going back home with the lips you’ve always wanted.